About us

ROIABLE has always been driven by the success of its customers. Security within SAP is never an easy topic and we have been there through the long and winding road to provide guidance and state-of-the-art implementations.

SAP is the preferred software choice of the best-run businesses around the globe. Its software combined with our software is ABLE to provide real ROI for customers.

We achieve our mission through tailor-made services and own products complementing the standard SAP software.

We love contributing to the partner/customer ecosystem. ROIABLE’s freeware is a common complementing product at many companies. We never keep knowledge hidden and we are always there to provide advice.

ROIABLE’s customers are some of the most famous brands in the world. However, we don’t rank them by popularity. Successful outcome for each one of them is what we promise and then deliver.

ROIABLE's greatest asset is the team. Our top experts provide to our customers innovative ideas, programming wizardry, understanding of their business needs even before they arise, but most of all dedication.

We are an international company with our headquarters located in Sofia, Bulgaria.   

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