SAP IdM add-ons by ROIABLE

€ 9 999

Dynamically renders the standard UI of IDM into Fiori

IDM UX - Cloud edition

€ 5 000 per year

IDM UX version that can be consumed in the Cloud and is subscription based

Maintains business roles in a compliant, easy and error-proof way

Reporting cockpit

€ 9 999

Provides the ultimate visibility over IDM data with sleek visuals


€ 6 999

Performs securely mass user/access actions in IDM

Externals cockpit

€ 5 999

Handles centrally all external users removing the necessity to have them in HR

Predefined services aiming to achieve quick results at a predictable cost

We track critical parameters in real time and empower you to act before things go wrong

We analyze your existing SAP IDM and provide you with detailed report with observations and recommendations

We ensure consistency of all master and access data across the included systems

Goodies for the community

Allows for user-friendly way of creating complex rules for jobs scheduling

The periodic table of SAP IDM will provide explanation to common terms and terminology often used in the daily life of the security team

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