IDM Scheduler

After the success of the first version of the IdM Scheduler by ROIABLE, the product team is happy to announce the new and exciting features in the new version.


With the latest release of SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in version 12 multiple new functionalities were added to its Access Control (AC) module. Integration with SAP Identity Access Governance (IAG) for hybrid risk analysis and user provisioning scenarios, improved user experience with the introduction of Fiori apps, extended functionalities for HANA, new rulesets for Fiori and S/4HANA plus more integration options with SAP Identity Management (IDM) are among the highlights.

SAP IDM 8.0 database migration now possible!

Why a company will drop a software that took significant effort and resources to implement? Tolstoy famously said: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” His axiom seems to be equally valid for the relationship between an enterprise and its digital assets. Multiple reasons can lead to a growing disenchantment with an application and at some point, to the final verdict: divorce by decommissioning.

Upgrade of SAP IDM (not) for dummies

More than five years have passed since the current version of SAP Identity management – v. 8.0 – was made available by SAP. It introduced significant improvements in the software that had been long-awaited. Moreover, at the end of 2018 the old version – v. 7.2 – went officially out of maintenance. With such important drivers to perform an upgrade, normally the transition from 7.2 to 8.0 should have been done and forgotten by all existing customers long time ago. Surprisingly, that was not the case. The adoption rate started and remained slow, many waited till the last minute and two years later there are still some companies who use v. 7.2.

IdM scheduling made easy!

SAP IdM scheduling has been one of the keys to every successful Go-live and part of any daily maintenance activities of the support team. With a dedicated calculation algorithm/database table and integrated UI, it was one of the often-used features in SAP IdM 7.2. Unfortunately, in v.8.0 only the calculation algorithm/database table made it through. The UI was dropped, and we are reaching a paradox, where old users of v.7.2 are missing it after upgrade, while brand new users on v.8.0 don’t even know about its existence.

SAP IdM got a facelift. It is a gamechanger!

In 2019 where even kids refuse to play with overcomplicated toys, it is close to impossible to force employees or partners to work with outdated user interfaces, which are neither accessible from mobile devices, nor responsive, nor fulfilling the high expectations.

Secure the future

No matter how many dystopian movies you’ve watched, nothing has prepared you for this point. The world has shut down. Many countries are literally a step away from martial law. All eyes are on 2 curves: one, representing the number of infected with COVID-19, is skyrocketing; another, being pretty much any stock exchange index, is in a free fall. The immense pressure between those two polar opposites has taken prisoner humanity’s collective mind. While this may not be the best moment to look to the future, I’d like to do just that.

The revival of SAP IDM

Since SAP TechEd 2018 the vibes around SAP IdM haven't been really positive and recently more and more customers (existing and potential) started wondering if they should invest or/and continue operating the product or should go to the market looking for alternative IAM solution.

SAP IdM is dead, long live SAP IdM!

For those of you who attended SAP TechEd this year (2018), you might have noticed the diminished intensity of SAP Identity Management sessions, which include the name of the product directly in the session name. Even the Roadmap session (the only one to mention it in its title) was somewhat not very informative about the future of the product and what will happen with it in the next 5 to 10 years. However, at a second glance, SAP IdM was present, just under the hood. It was part of multiple sessions on cloud identity management, where it played an important role in various hybrid scenarios.

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