IdM Scheduler 2.0 now available!

Details by Todor Petrov

IDM Scheduler

After the success of the first version of the IdM Scheduler by ROIABLE the product team is happy to announce the new and exciting features in the second version.
For those of you who missed the key features of v. 1.4.0 and why actually this add-on was created, you can review those here.
Before we jump into new features, we would like to assure you that the add-on remains free of charge for all customers of SAP Identity Management v. 8.0 that run on one of the latest service packs, which at the time of this writing is SP8.
IDM Scheduler

Apart from stability and performance improvements, the new version brings a long-awaited functionality. Namely, the possibility to monitor job executions and more precisely, to easily be able to identify overlapping jobs and reschedule them when needed. Those are accessible from a dropdown, right next to the ROIABLE logo.

You will be presented with a view on your scheduled jobs and their running duration for the defined calendar period (default is 14 days, but can be configured):
IDM Scheduler

If you don’t see the history of your job’s duration in the calendar going back for more than 5 days, then most probably you will have to increase the number of days, for which the job logs are being kept in the database.
The header offers options to setup the view according to your liking:
IDM Scheduler

Thanks to the zoom option you can easily focus on problematic areas (e.g. overlapping jobs):
IDM Scheduler

The thin black line(s) on the top of the calendar are indicating the existence of overlapping jobs. A click on that line will take you to a more compact table, where only the overlapping jobs for the particular period are shown:
IDM Scheduler
IDM Scheduler

Furthermore, you can click in front of any of the listed jobs to get more details about it.
Two additional filters on top of the table allow you to include Provisioning and On Demand jobs to the overlapping calendar.
Some other additions to the new version include the switch to the latest Fiori theme – Horizon and the use of the latest SAPUI5 long-term maintenance library.
Last, but not least, some usability improvements were made – easier clickable rule tiles and color coding for easier differentiation of rule types as follows:
- Orange: on demand
- Green: specific time
- Blue: frequency
If you haven’t onboarded this free add-on for SAP IdM, you can do that using our REQUEST FORM.

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