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SAP Identity Management

Strategic central solution for each organization aiming to reduce significantly
the risks related to how users access its software systems.

You should consider SAP IDM, if you aim for any of these:

Prevent unauthorized access

Ensure the right access is provide only to the right person for the right task in the right time and under the right reasons.

Reduce IT cost

Extremely labor-intensive process like user access management can be fully automated.

Onboard faster

No more employees waiting for access accumulating payroll cost. Empower users to do their job.


ROIABLE packages

Have a predictable timeframe for the implementation while optimizing cost and risk

2 weeks

Package 0: Landscape setup

Perform installation procedures and initial configurations

7 weeks

Package 1: Standard base

Start with one source system and two target systems

3 weeks

Package 2: Extended base

Connect additional target systems

2 weeks

Package 3: Additional source

Connect additional simple source system

4 weeks

Package 4: Complex source

Connect additional complex source system

2 weeks

Package 5: GRC integration

Connect Access control to IDM to ensure SoD and compliance checks

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